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Learner Spotlight: Mariam A.

 This month, we talk to Mariam A. Rahi, an English language teacher with 5 years of experience. She successfully completed the CELTA program with Eton Institute and shares some general thoughts about the program, including what she enjoyed and how it has benefited her teaching career. Watch the video to find out more. “…When […]


Learner Spotlight: Dominique M.

Dominique M. has always been passionate about learning the language of the country she lives in. She tells us what drew her into the Arabic program, the practical benefits of learning the language, and shares practical tips for other Arabic language learners. Hi, Dominique! Can you tell us a little about yourself? I arrived in Abu Dhabi […]


Learner Spotlight: Sarah Tuqan

Love makes people do many things…one of them is learning a new language. This month, we talk to Sarah Tuqan, an HR specialist, who is learning Italian for her partner. She has always been passionate about Italian culture and was more than happy to get started on her Italian language learning journey with Eton Institute. Watch and […]

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