Sophie W. is a high school teacher and is learning Arabic with Eton Institute. Read on to find out why she’s learning the language, the challenges she faced, and her tips for prospective learners.

Hi! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! My name is Sophie Williams. I’m from Australia, a high school teacher, and working & living in Sharjah. I have been here for 6 years.

Why did you decide to learn Arabic?

I love the Arabic culture, music, people, and now it’s time to learn the language!

What made you choose a course at Eton Institute?

I chose Eton Institute because it offered a quality online option, and has a clear progression of skills throughout the various stages of the course, from beginner to A1, A2, and so on.

How was your experience studying at Eton?

So far, so good! Great teachers, excellent class sizes and a good balance between the four skills, I’m happy!

What’s your best tip for people who want to start learning Arabic?

Flash cards! Daily practice, so that the recently learnt vocabulary/grammar etc. becomes intuitive. Also, read, listen, watch media as it helps with listening and reinforces regular & useful vocabulary.

What did you find challenging and how did you overcome it?

Speaking is the hardest skill for me, so trying to speak as frequently as possible is my tip. It remains challenging for me, but I’ve just got to keep chipping away at it.

Are there any other languages on your bucket list?

If I could converse in Arabic, that would be a life goal achievement for me. I haven’t thought beyond that, it’s hard enough!

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