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Accent Reduction Ideas for the Classroom

Eton Institute, provides some useful ideas for activities to use in the classroom to improve Accent Reduction: Ask your students this one simple question: what is the biggest problem you have with communication here in Dubai? I’m willing to bet that nine times out of ten the response you get back will have something to […]


Why is Repetition Important to Learning?

As a parent, I find myself looking at my children’s homework and saying (either to myself or to other parents!): “They did this last year.” I’m probably right. They also did the same work the year before that, and the year before that. Science and history usually alternates a little each year, but they will […]


Returning to Study as a Teacher Part 2

LJ M. shares second part of his amazing experience in studying again and how this helped him to becoming a better teacher. The Challenges People are mostly aware of the challenges, just as I was at the beginning. These challenges include naysayers, time, lack of energy, self-doubt and finances. That did not stop my friends […]


Returning to Study as a Teacher

For many professionals, continuing studies presents an opportunity to develop professionally and personally. Whichever the level of study you undertake, there is always an amount of planning and sacrifice involved. I was aware of this when I decided to pursue a post-graduate course, but my motivations initially made me ignore these two important points. As […]


How Human Behaviour Influences Learning in the Classroom.

The affective domain is the emotional side of human behaviour; in simple English, how we feel! Three things can affect our learners in the classroom: what they know, how they feel and what they can do. As we’ve talked about before, placement tests are very useful as they give us an indication of what the […]