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8 Most Useful and Critical Languages to Learn for Your Career

Languages play a pivotal role in building ties with other nations possessing entirely different cultures. They are the most important tool in the evolution of international relations, that for most part, depend on communication. The same goes for trade and businesses that expand globally and provide career opportunities to people around the world.  In this […]


53 Basic Spanish Travel Phrases and Sentences for Travellers

Travelling becomes more interesting when you communicate with natives and are able to immerse yourselves in a new culture. To make this happen, you have to learn some basic expressions of the official or most spoken language of the country you are traveling to. This way, you can seek assistance and confidently navigate through your […]


5 Key Practices to Be A Model Leader

“A good leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” – John C.Maxwell Great leaders lead by setting an example. One great leader that comes to mind is when George Washington rode into battle with his troops, earning full respect and a legacy which has remained. By definition, a leader is in […]


6 Ways to Become a Better You This Year

It wouldn’t be a start to the New Year without having made some resolutions. Here are our top resolutions to keep you on track with your career. Pssst… obviously, learning a new language features on this list. Awareness – Don’t be a stick in the mud, grow! Make every day a new learning and developing […]


7 Quick Tips for Better Business Writing

Today, every corner of the world is increasingly becoming communications-driven. Whether you’re connecting over email, chat, reports, presentations, etc. it’s important that you’re able to write clearly and concisely to get your message across. The truth is, poor writing is a red flag; it negatively impacts your company’s image and also undermines its creditability. Below […]

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