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6 Ways to Become a Better You This Year

It wouldn’t be a start to the New Year without having made some resolutions. Here are our top resolutions to keep you on track with your career. Pssst… obviously, learning a new language features on this list. Awareness – Don’t be a stick in the mud, grow! Make every day a new learning and developing […]


7 Quick Tips for Better Business Writing

Today, every corner of the world is increasingly becoming communications-driven. Whether you’re connecting over email, chat, reports, presentations, etc. it’s important that you’re able to write clearly and concisely to get your message across. The truth is, poor writing is a red flag; it negatively impacts your company’s image and also undermines its creditability. Below […]



What is a Communication Breakdown? Communication Breakdown is a situation where the communication taking place between two (or more) people is either inconceivable, wrongly comprehended or entirely absent. It can be caused by any of the following situations between the two parties: Conflicting opinions or actions Unpleasant behavior Ignoring or avoiding each other The workplace […]


Top 6 Foreign Languages to Learn (to Make More Money)

Some learn a new language for travel purposes while others learn it to expand their intellect and explore new cultures. However, a large number of people acquire a foreign language to help increase their employability as well as earn more. Deciding which language to learn can be tricky as it depends on your priorities and motives, such […]


22 Useful Tips to be Ethical in the Workplace

Kamal S. gives you the do’s and don’ts of practicing ethical conduct in the workplace. The Oxford English dictionary defines ethics as: The moral principles governing or influencing conduct. Ethics are involved in many of our professional decisions – they affect us and the people around us. When we are dishonest, not only do we lose […]

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