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Think Global: Enrolling in Business English Courses

In this modern age of business, talking to someone halfway across the world is almost next to nothing. Given the global scope of communication, it is no wonder that English is being used as a language for international business. Due to its demand and purpose, people enroll in business English courses to keep up competitively. Working with an international […]


Why Should Your Firm Invest More on Language Training in the UAE?

As more companies focus on serving an increasingly multicultural and globalized workplace, the need for a bi-lingual and multilingual workforce is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Whether companies partner with international firms, open offices abroad or simply strive to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, their ability to communicate in multiple […]


10 Reasons to Start Language Learning as a Team

Learning a new language is a unique and exciting experience, one that teaches the individual more about the people from other cultures as they build stronger relationships with them. While learning a foreign language can be quite a challenge, working as a team to achieve a shared goal can help each individual learn more and […]


Cultural Intelligence: Japan

Dominika V. introduces the essential business etiquette of the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. ‘Japanese Business Etiquette’ is one of the most frequently searched business- related keywords worldwide according to Google. The Japanese business etiquette is very formal and almost ritualistic at times in comparison to European or American business conduct. In business settings […]


Business Etiquette Guidelines in the United Arab Emirates

Cultural Intelligence UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Dominika W. and Maya M. talk about the essential etiquette in conducting business in the UAE. As-salam alaikum is the customary greeting and means peace be upon you to which the reply is Wa alaikum as-salam – and upon you (be peace).   Inshallah means God willing and is often […]