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Everything You Need To Know About English for Specific Purposes

English is the most powerful language in the world and has approximately 500 million native speakers across the world. Achieving proficiency in the English language is vital for professional success internationally. While a General English course offers learners the opportunity to become fluent in the language, English for Specific Purposes (ESP) provides content altered according […]


10 Surprising Ways LiveOnline Can Boost Your Teams Development

Ever thought about taking your team training online? It might sound obvious to some, but moving the traditional classroom learning online takes blood, sweat and tears (almost, literally). Not only to convince the senior level of the efficiency of the program, but also to keep your team(s) motivated to join the training and stick to […]


Entrepreneurs Must Learn a New Language-6 Reasons Why

You’ve recently started a new business and you have a thousand different ideas and projects for growth. We know the feeling – it’s exhilarating. We also know that proper, professional communication is what takes a start-up to success. Quick example: over the past decade, we have changed from a start-up to an established global leader […]


Top 6 Foreign Languages to Learn (to Make More Money)

Some learn a new language for travel purposes while others learn it to expand their intellect and explore new cultures. However, a large number of people acquire a foreign language to help increase their employability as well as earn more. Deciding which language to learn can be tricky as it depends on your priorities and motives, such […]


5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Writing

Language can convey or betray intentions that the user may not even be aware of. Consider the following real life example: Economists leveraged data from a US-based peer to peer lending site, to determine the likelihood of whether a borrower would pay back a loan or not. On the site, potential borrowers write up a […]

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