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6 Ways to Become a Better You This Year

It wouldn’t be a start to the New Year without having made some resolutions. Here are our top resolutions to keep you on track with your career. Pssst… obviously, learning a new language features on this list. Awareness – Don’t be a stick in the mud, grow! Make every day a new learning and developing […]


10 Traditional Christmas Dishes from Around the World

We all know about our own Christmas traditions. But every once in a while, it’s interesting to see what it’s like in other places. Regardless of different timings, a common theme throughout the world is the importance food plays in their traditions. Every country has it’s staples – the foods that are a classic and […]


Get Certified! Take the CILS Examination at Eton Institute

Have you considered taking the CILS Examination? Held twice a year in June and December, the CILS Exam (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) is the proficiency examination to prove competence in Italian language. The certificate is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and most Italian universities as a requirement for admission. Eton […]


Get Certified! Take the OSD Examination at Eton Institute

Have you considered taking the OSD Examination? ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) is a state-approved examination and assessment system for German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language. ÖSD exams focus mainly on communicative aspects, which aim to assess foreign language competence in real-life situations. ÖSD exams correspond to the levels of the […]


5 Benefits of Learning a New Language

It is a perfect time to immerse yourself in a new language and culture. Besides the cognitive advantages and practical reasons, learning a second language brings with it a massive amount of benefits. It’s effective and rewarding and it’ll change you in ways you probably didn’t imagine (for the better, of course!). Let’s look at […]

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We’ve rounded up 14 of our favorite terms of endearment from different countries around the world. They’re sweet, romantic …and no, they aren’t “mi amor” [Spanish] or “habibi” [Arabic]  kind of cliché. Maybe you’ll start using them with your loved ones, or *ahem* a special someone. Have a read and take your pick! 1. روحي [Arabic] How it’s said: rouhi Meaning: my […]

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Did you know? The Korean alphabet, known as Hangul consists of 14 consonants and 10 vowels and it literally takes only one session to learn how to read and write it! The Korean language is becoming more and more popular around the world because of Korea’s booming economy and of course it’s popular and addicting K-pop, K-drama and delicious food. Join […]

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