Ananya is having a wonderful experience with her Korean language learning journey at Eton Institute. Read on to find out her motivation behind learning Korean, and her best tip for people who want to start learning the language.

Hi! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Ananya Padmanabhan. I am an 18-year-old university student, and I take a keen interest in learning different languages as a hobby.

 Why did you decide to learn Korean?

I am learning Korean at Eton institute, and I decided to learn because it has always been a dream of mine to live in Korea and learning the language increases my chances of going there.

What made you choose a course at Eton Institute?

Eton Institute is well known for its availability of many language courses, and they provide a valid certification too which for me was a very important criteria for choosing an institute. More importantly, Eton Institute also offers languages that I take an interest in learning in an online format, so the accessibility and availability made me choose Eton.

How was your experience studying at Eton Institute?

My experience has been wonderful. The tutors at Eton Institute are extremely friendly and supportive and the assessment methods are also very student-friendly and flexible. The approach used to teach is very easy to understand and the interactive nature of our sessions always makes learning more fun and enjoyable rather than hectic or taxing.

What’s your best tip for people who want to start learning Korean?

My best tip would be to be passionate first of all because when you have a passion you tend to be more dedicated to learning a language. Immersing yourself in the culture along with whatever textbook material you are learning in class,  is the absolute best way to learn.  Be it listening to Korean songs or interacting with Korean colleagues and friends by speaking to them in Korean,  learning about their culture and the most fun way to practice your learning would be to watch Korean dramas without subtitles to improve listening and pronunciation. The more you immerse yourself into the culture or place the language stems from, the easier you can grasp the language.

 What did you find challenging and how did you overcome it?

I found keeping up with frequent practice challenging. Due to a hectic schedule and busy days, I often had to make sure to grasp the most of my learning during class time. To combat this issue, I made sure to make time during weekends to overview my class materials from the previous week. This way, even if I did not have time for intensive practice I was still revising my learning and keeping up with it.

Are there any other languages on your bucket list?

I would love to learn Thai and Japanese at some point as I foresee being in these places sometime soon.

“…my best tip would be to be passionate first of all because when you have a passion you tend to be more dedicated to learning a language.”

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