Spanish Language Courses

Spanish Language Courses in Dubai

Learn Spanish with our Spanish language course in Dubai. Spanish is the official or national language in 21 countries and territories across three continents. Modern Spanish was formed on the basis of the 13th Century Latin dialect of Castile in Spain. Today this is still the predominant form of Spanish used in Europe, also known as Castellano. There are more than 440 million native speakers in Europe, Africa and the Americas and another 60 million in the United States. It is the second most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese with a rich history in literature and the humanities. Start your Spanish language classes now.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Our accredited Spanish courses are designed to help you develop proficiency in any or all four aspects of the language: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Learning Spanish will bring you closer to many diverse and rich cultures from the far edges of Patagonia, to the Caribbean, Spain, the Canaries and Equatorial Guinea in Africa.  It is one of the official UN working languages and the official language of many intergovernmental organizations.

Better Career Opportunities

In general, communication skills are important for career advancement, but employers are willing to pay more for those who can speak more than one language.  If you wish to move to Spanish speaking country, or deal with customers and markets in the Spanish speaking world, then learning the language gives you an advantage.

Language Assessment

In addition to general Spanish courses, we also offer exam preparation courses to prepare you to sit for the DELE (Diplomas de Español como lengua extranjera) exam.  This standard exam is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and is commonly accepted as a proof of language competency by ministries, embassies, educational institutions as well as companies.

Course Options to Suit Every Need

Choose from a range of options for Spanish classes – classroom courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or live online.  All courses are supported by a state-of-the-art LMS, interactive content and the ability to see and measure one’s progress.

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