Tips to Improve Your IELTS Score

IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally recognized competency test accepted by education, work and immigration bodies in English-speaking countries. The test grades your proficiency in the English language on a scale of 1 to 9. Our IELTS preparation course in Dubai focuses on all areas of the exam - reading, listening, writing, and speaking – and includes real practice tests, strategies and tips for test takers. Start your IELTS training in Dubai now.

IELTS Prep Courses

We offer IELTS preparation courses for the IELTS Academic exam and also the IELTS General Training exam.  Both exams assess reading, listening, writing and speaking.  The IELTS Academic exam is used to secure acceptance at a university in an English-speaking country, while the IELTS General Training exam is used by immigration bodies and professional organizations. You can take your IELTS prep course in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or live online.

Better Career Prospects

We also can prepare you for the IELTS General Training exam.  This exam is used by immigration bodies and professional organizations. Moving to a new office location, country, or simply aiming for a job where you have to prove certain language competency is made easier by having a satisfactory score on this exam.

Registering For The IELTS Exam

Please note that we only offer IELTS preparation courses. Registering for the exam should be done with the relevant exam center where you wish to take the test

Course Options to Suit Every Need

Choose from a range of options – classroom, online, group or private courses.  All courses are supported by a state-of-the-art LMS, interactive content and the ability to see and measure one’s progress.

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