Coding Courses for Kids

Coding for Kids

Want your child to think differently to problem-solve efficiently? Seeking the much-needed head start for your child in today’s competitive landscape? Our fun and engaging coding curriculum will help them put on their thinking caps in no time...

Coding for Kids (Beginner Level)

Perfect for those who have no prior coding knowledge, as part of this course, your child will apply algorithms to complete computational tasks, use basic commands and unlock new characters as they write programs to solve simple mazes, predict the outcome of scripts and consider potential errors, debug code & much more. Featured concepts include sequencing, being able to compare and contrast, deciphering problems, understanding functions, and variables and more.

Coding for Kids (Elementary Level)

If your child has some prior exposure to coding, this course will help them apply algorithms to complete computational tasks across various disciplines, break down a real-world problem into sub-steps, solve mazes with multiple conditions, satisfy “if, then” statements in a program, and differentiate between problems that can and cannot be solved computationally.

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