American Sign Language Courses

American Sign Language Courses

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual form of communication and has many benefits. Did you know; any feeling or meaning that you wish to convey comes less from words and voice and more from your body language! According to a study, if your body language conflicts with your words, listeners will pay more attention to the non-verbal message.

Improve your Professional Skills:

Non-verbal skills come in handy when giving presentations, making a sales pitch or working with a team. You can also understand what’s going through the other person’s mind. Work on your body language with Eton Institute’s classes that focus on language of everyday real life situations.

Enhancing Non-Verbal Communication:

ASL, which is a visual language that is communicated through hand gestures and facial expressions, can have a positive impact on your non-verbal communication skills. Learning ASL will not only open up a new world of relationships for you, but will give you more job opportunities that require visual communication.

Better Job Prospects

Sign Language skills are increasingly becoming essential at the workplace. Our Sign Language courses can help you become more confident in communicating in a non-verbal way.

Convenient Learning

We have a wide range of learning options to meet the needs of every learner. Choose from Group Courses, One-to-One Private Lessons or LiveOnline

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