It’s never too soon to get your child started on the path of second language acquisition. Here are a few reasons why we think you should definitely start today:

Enhanced cognitive skills: Research proves that learning a second language enhances problem-solving and critical thinking, in addition to improving memory, attention span, enhanced creativity, and mental flexibility.

Better language acquisition: It’s much easier for children to learn a new language than adults because this is the time when their brains begin to develop. Children are uniquely attuned to differences in tone and sound. They pick up on tricky sounds easily that adults and even adolescents often stumble over. By starting early, your children can speak confidently from the start.

Higher test scores: Numerous reports have proven that students who have studied a foreign language perform much better than their monolingual peers on many standardized tests.

Cultural awareness: Bilingual children are more likely to develop curiosity and appreciation for diversity and celebrate cultural differences. Exposure to more than one language leads to a bigger view of the world, contributes greatly to their personal development, and encourages open-mindedness and tolerance.

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