The Training & Development Show ME 2016 had so much to offer, to visitors and exhibitors from unique learning methods, improved talent management solutions and many other strategic development variables.

Here are our 5 most prominent takeaways from the show:

1. Online & Blended Learning is the Latest Trend

It was easy to conclude through many seminars and keynotes that e-learning through videos and gamification is ‘in’! Showcasing our online learning partners,, was delightful as they exhibit all the tools that makes e-learning a competitive and effective resource.

2. The Fun Zone: Where Theory Meets Practice


The Fun Zone was one of the most engaging and fun part of the show. Visitors had the opportunity to experience how theory is applied to real life learning and training through enjoyable games and activities, a novel way that engaged us as well!

From the Lego building group challenge to the ‘memory testing’ brain friendly activities (courtesy of us!), the Fun Zone truly lived up to its name.

3. Hot Topic: The Science of Learning for Employee Engagement

Engaging employees to achieve high productivity and profitability is a top priority for businesses across the globe. During the Training & Development Show, we had the opportunity to attend seminars and keynotes on topics such as the neuroscience of coaching, that showcased the science-based aspects of thorough mentoring to learning, and the tricks to transform the next-gen trainee into an motivated learner gave a glimpse into the many ways of scientifically engaging employees for the better.

Our seminar on Top 3 Ways to Make Learning Brain Friendly at the Workplace demonstrated how a few changes in training can make learning a lasting and truly enjoyable phenomenon

4. Spotlight: Employee Well-Being

It is no doubt that human capital is an irreplaceable resource for any organization; therefore an emphasis on employees’ well-being should be of utmost importance. The seminar on mitigating stress at the workplace through emotional intelligence was not just informative but also a practical method to improve the process of taking care of your employees, a simple yet often underrated gesture.

Also, the show saved the best for last! Dubai Drum’s de-stressing session was the perfect way to wrap up the two day event and an incredibly fun way to engage employees and enhance team collaboration

5. A Variety of Employee Development Options

Understanding employees and their needs is a key aspect of effective training and with exhibitors focusing on development through non-traditional methods such as improvised acting, drumming and learning a new language.