Eton Institute redesigns language courses with digital-first in mind

Dubai, UAE – 3 May 2021: Eton Institute, UAE’s largest language and training provider, today announced that it is ready to launch the next phase of its online digital teaching and learning journey with enhanced digital course content to drive learner engagement and student success. 

In an increasingly digitized world, the skillful deployment of digital technology in learning settings is paramount. The institute is leveraging Blackboard’s fully integrated cloud-based learning management system (LMS), Blackboard Learn, and virtual classroom solution, Blackboard Collaborate, to deliver engaging and dynamic content developed with learners’ needs in mind. Via Blackboard’s modern, intuitive, and fully responsive interface, students have access to interactive e-books alongside a wide range of exercises, interactivities as well as detailed reporting to track their progress throughout the course.

“We believe in an outcome-based learning path with relevant and digital content to support carefully selected goals in any course. With interactive and auto-gradable content to guide and support high-quality lessons given by our qualified instructors, our language courses have been redesigned for better delivery, efficacy, and learner engagement. Thanks to Blackboard, course content will be available for all our learners whether online or in the classroom, and accessible on desktop and mobile. This is just the beginning of our journey to make learning compatible with the needs of today’s learners, and we are even more excited about the next stage of development”,  said Tanja Radivoevska, General Manager at Eton Institute.

“We are proud to support the mission of Eton Institute. The integrated features of our leading LMS and virtual classroom will help Eton continue to deliver high-quality instruction. Whether online or via mobile, students and faculty will have access to our teaching and learning solutions,” said Oleg Figlin, Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Blackboard

Since its genesis over 15 years ago and after amassing thousands of successful learners whilst building a reputable track record, Eton Institute has cemented its position as the preferred choice of language learners in the UAE. The institute resides in two of the most global cities of the Middle East – Dubai and Abu Dhabi  – and enjoys a strategic location in the prime locations of Dubai Knowledge Park and twofour54. Its key beliefs consist of promoting the importance of languages, communication, and culture with interactive and student-centered learning. 

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About Eton Institute:

Eton Institute operates with the understanding that languages, communication, and culture are fundamental to the human experience and necessary for individuals’ and organizations’ future success. Since 2006, it has helped thousands of individuals and companies resolve communication challenges through customized language solutions, with operations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Eton Institute has developed unique, proven engagement methodologies and techniques, and is proud to be associated with top international organizations, to successfully connect people and global businesses to opportunity.

Eton Institute is an Approved Center for the delivery of Cambridge Exams, TOEIC, DELE, ÖSD, CILS, and a test venue for the IELTS exam. Additionally, all language courses offered by Eton Institute are EAQUALS-accredited and meet Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards set by the Council of Europe.
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Brand Manager
Eton Institute
T: +971 4 438 6821

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The Training & Development Show ME 2016 had so much to offer, to visitors and exhibitors from unique learning methods, improved talent management solutions and many other strategic development variables.

Here are our 5 most prominent takeaways from the show:

1. Online & Blended Learning is the Latest Trend

It was easy to conclude through many seminars and keynotes that e-learning through videos and gamification is ‘in’! Showcasing our online learning partners,, was delightful as they exhibit all the tools that makes e-learning a competitive and effective resource.

2. The Fun Zone: Where Theory Meets Practice


The Fun Zone was one of the most engaging and fun part of the show. Visitors had the opportunity to experience how theory is applied to real life learning and training through enjoyable games and activities, a novel way that engaged us as well!

From the Lego building group challenge to the ‘memory testing’ brain friendly activities (courtesy of us!), the Fun Zone truly lived up to its name.

3. Hot Topic: The Science of Learning for Employee Engagement

Engaging employees to achieve high productivity and profitability is a top priority for businesses across the globe. During the Training & Development Show, we had the opportunity to attend seminars and keynotes on topics such as the neuroscience of coaching, that showcased the science-based aspects of thorough mentoring to learning, and the tricks to transform the next-gen trainee into an motivated learner gave a glimpse into the many ways of scientifically engaging employees for the better.

Our seminar on Top 3 Ways to Make Learning Brain Friendly at the Workplace demonstrated how a few changes in training can make learning a lasting and truly enjoyable phenomenon

4. Spotlight: Employee Well-Being

It is no doubt that human capital is an irreplaceable resource for any organization; therefore an emphasis on employees’ well-being should be of utmost importance. The seminar on mitigating stress at the workplace through emotional intelligence was not just informative but also a practical method to improve the process of taking care of your employees, a simple yet often underrated gesture.

Also, the show saved the best for last! Dubai Drum’s de-stressing session was the perfect way to wrap up the two day event and an incredibly fun way to engage employees and enhance team collaboration

5. A Variety of Employee Development Options

Understanding employees and their needs is a key aspect of effective training and with exhibitors focusing on development through non-traditional methods such as improvised acting, drumming and learning a new language.


There are over 100 million people around the world who speak Persian, or as its native speakers commonly refer to it as ‘Farsi’. It is the most widely spoken language of all Indo-Iranian languages and spoken primarily in Iran (official language) and Afghanistan. The Farsi language is spoken by a significant number of people in countries including Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan. It is also widely used in the Arab world, specifically in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries.

Familiarize yourself with the below list of common words and phrases to kick-start your Persian language learning.

1.       سلام  – salam – Hi

2.       صبح بخیر – sobh bekheyr – Good morning

3.       عصر بخیر – asr bekheyr – Good evening

4.       خوش آمدید – khosh amadid – Welcome

5.       حال شما چطوره؟ – haleh shoma chetoreh? – How are you?

6.       خوبم  – khoobam – I’m doing well

7.       ممنون خیلی – (kheily) mamnoon – Thank you (very much)

8.       خداحافظ  -khodahafez – Goodbye

9.       اسم شما چیه؟ – esme shoma chieh? – What is your name?

10.   شما اهل کجاید؟ – shoma ahl e koja hastid? – Where are you from?

11.   من اهل (…) – man ahl e (…) – I’m from ( … )

12.   ببخشید – bebakhshid – Excuse Me

Start learning the language of one of the oldest civilizations to ever exist in history. Join a group or one-to-one course today!


What is a Communication Breakdown?

Communication Breakdown is a situation where the communication taking place between two (or more) people is either inconceivable, wrongly comprehended or entirely absent.

It can be caused by any of the following situations between the two parties:

  • Conflicting opinions or actions
  • Unpleasant behavior
  • Ignoring or avoiding each other

The workplace runs on communication! More so, it runs efficiently and profitably on good, impactful communication. However, more often than not, it is a hub for communication breakdowns to occur, be it between colleagues, departments or the hierarchy.

How can you avoid communication breakdowns in the office?

Implement the following strategies to prevent and avoid communication barriers in your workplace:

  1. Use a common language for communication between all parties to evade being ‘lost in translation’. Generally, the official company language should be used. It provides consistency in the message as well as in its perception.
  2. Remove distractions! Whether you’re communicating in person or via email, make sure you’re in a quiet environment (without any music, external noise, your colleagues even!) to decipher the message accurately and really listen to what the other party is trying to say.
  3. Do not burden each other with excessive information or data. Strategize the information according to its level of importance.
  4. Be direct and concise in your communication. Research suggests that while details are important, messages that are short and ‘to-the-point’ are comprehended more easily.
  5. Do not hesitate to ask questions and encourage others to do the same! Asking questions, no matter how trivial, eliminate doubts and misconceptions in an effective and quick manner.


Avoid communication breakdowns at your workplace now! Train your diverse workforce to proficiency in the official company language right here.