Spanish Language Courses

Spanish Language Courses

Take our Spanish conversation class or choose from a range of courses below. Our instructors provide an engaging teaching environment that will develop your Spanish conversation skills and build your vocabulary.

Business Opportunities

Knowing Spanish offers a range of business opportunities, especially in the education, healthcare and construction industries, which count many native Spanish-speaking employees. Learning Spanish can also make you more employable and enhance your career prospects, with the increasing need for bilingual speakers in global trade.


Learning Spanish enables you to immerse yourself in the Hispanic culture and mingle with the locals during your travels. Avoid the tourist spots; enhance your holiday experience by visiting places only locals know about and make friends around the world.

Cultural Experience

Spanish is known for its captivating culture, passionate people, scrumptious food, flamboyant and lively Flamenco dance and much more. Learn the Spanish language and familiarize yourself with the Hispanic culture, traditions, cuisine and fiestas!

Prepare for a Test

Whether you are looking to travel abroad for higher education or for immigration purposes to Spanish speaking countries, Eton Institute offers Exam Preparation courses for DELE.

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