English Language

English Language Courses in Dubai

English is spoken by almost 1.4 billion people or roughly 18% of the global population. Your ability to succeed in today’s world depends hugely on your ability to communicate in the most used language globally. Our internationally accredited English language courses in Dubai cover all levels from beginner to advanced. With qualified and experienced instructors, we teach English to prepare you for work, a new career, studying abroad or taking an exam. Our English language classes in Dubai, or live online provide an interactive and friendly environment that makes learning fun.

Different Types of English Courses

Communicate clearly in different contexts by choosing from a range of courses that cover just Conversation, Accent Reduction, Business English, or simply improve your English skills and grammar by attending one of our General English courses.

Better Career Opportunities

Improve your career prospects by polishing your English skills and ability to use the language for simple communication in the office, meetings and presentations or negotiations.

Exam Preparation

Get the score you want on your IELTS or TOEFL exam.  Check available schedules for group learning options or get in touch to help us tailor an exam prep course that matches your goals and needs.

Course Options to Suit Every Need

Choose from a range of options – classroom, online, group or private courses.  All courses are supported by a state-of-the-art LMS, interactive content and the ability to see and measure one’s progress.

Recommended Courses