Looking to boost your language teaching skills and learn the best practices to support different learning needs and styles? Here are 5 reasons why you should get the CELTA or TESOL certification:

  • Good job prospects

You will often hear English language teachers moan about how they never make enough money, or how they never have any savings, but you will never hear an English language teacher complain about not having any job prospects. If you look at any online job website that lists vacancies for teachers of English as a foreign language, you will always see CELTA or TESOL being some of the key qualifications required. The biggest markets at the moment are China, and other Asian markets such as Taiwan and Singapore, but one can constantly see jobs posted anywhere from Poland, to England, and even Western Europe is now exploding with opportunities.

  • Flexible work schedule

The salaries for English language teachers aren’t always the highest in the world, compared to other jobs, but then again neither are the stress levels. Most of the time if you do enough research of the country you will be going to, and google the average salary in that country or city, you will see that English language teachers often get above-average salaries. You may choose to work more hours, or you may choose to work fewer hours, and have more free time. Teaching can be a very flexible working schedule, so you should be able to balance it out as you see fit. 

  • Travel while you work

If you are adventurous and would like to travel the world, but are looking to fund your trip while you are travelling TESOL or CELTA is definitely for you. Teaching English pays more than if you were to pick up some odd jobs in the country you are headed. Not only is the pay better, but it is probably the only job you can get in a foreign country if you don’t speak the native language. Additionally, English language teaching as a career is one of the few careers that actually encourage changing jobs regularly especially if you can pick up valuable experience teaching to a wide array of students in a variety of situations. This will also give you a good feel and understanding about your own teaching, for example, it will help you decide if this is something for you to pursue long term, and which kind of students you prefer to teach, such as kids versus adults versus more corporate oriented classes. 

  • Learning and interacting with different cultures

Teaching English is one of the best ways to learn about different cultures. You meet people from various cultures and backgrounds. You can meet business students who can give you valuable information on how business is conducted in their country and culture. You can meet wives and husbands and learn how the family dynamic works in different cultures. You will most certainly pick up local food and drink knowledge and will most probably be invited to attend some authentic meals with your students. If this sounds interesting to you, then the best way to learn about cultures is through teaching English, and don’t forget your students will be learning your culture through you, so it becomes a very rewarding experience. 

  • Making a difference

When people are studying a new language, especially English, it is usually to improve their life in some way. Maybe they want to further their studies or immigrate to an English-speaking country or advance their career. It can be really rewarding when you can sincerely feel the appreciation of your students when they learn and grow with you as their teacher. If you do a good job and are passionate about teaching, some old students may reach out to you after many years and tell you how you helped them change their lives.

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