Learning a foreign language requires the development of many skills, however, nothing can beat practice and having a real conversation in a foreign language because this is always without a doubt, the best way to learn.

To engage with other language learners or native speakers could mean travelling to the specific country and spending some time there.  Even though this is one of the best means of practicing a conversation, it is not always practical. Thanks to the digital world, you can practice any language you want, anywhere you want! This is known as language exchange, which can be done with your newfound language buddies.

Here are some of the best places where you can find fellow language enthusiasts, and take your skills to the next level:

1. My Language Exchange

language exchange

This is similar to learning or practicing language with a friend. It is a modern day friend of pen pal system. You just need to sign up and link up with a person who speaks the language that you wish to learn. After that, you just need to identify a suitable time when both of you are online, and you can then practice your language.

As it stands, there are more than 1 million users, which mean that you will always find your language. Apart from that, the site has more than 100 languages to choose. My Language Exchange gives you the opportunity of learning the language, the dialects and the even the culture itself.

2. Interpals – Language Exchange


With more than 5 million members, finding a language partner here will never be a problem. You will always find thousands of users any time when you log in. This means that you can practice any language, at your own convenience. If you are finding challenges to identify the right partner, or if you just want to go alone, you can simply join the Interpals Forum. The forum gives you a wonderful opportunity of learning, if you are not interested in doing the live chat way. You also get constructive criticism from several users, instead of just one person.

3. HiNative


HiNative is more of a question and answer forum where you get a chance of asking questions related to the language you want to learn. Within a few minutes, answers will start pouring in from different users. One amazing feature of this site is the voice recording system. This feature gives you the opportunity of recording a question using your voice, while the other users help you to answer it. They will also critique your pronunciation. They also have an app for mobile phone users available on Google Play and App Store.

4. Lang-8

lang -8

Another support community,  but with a twist!  Lang-8 will engage other native speakers to review your writing. Simply post your ‘words’  in the language that you are learning, native speakers will correct your writing and then you can return the favor by helping others learn your native language.

The best thing about learning a language with a friend is that you are able to hold a conversation, and at the same time, have a good laugh at your mistakes. Think of the friendships that you will create, the new travelers that you will meet,  the inspiration to continue to proficiency, and the opportunities to connect with your language learning community around the globe.  The possibilities are endless!