It wouldn’t be a start to the New Year without having made some resolutions. Here are our top resolutions to keep you on track with your career. Pssst… obviously, learning a new language features on this list.

Awareness – Don’t be a stick in the mud, grow! Make every day a new learning and developing opportunity. This could be done through knowledge from colleagues or by reading up on developments in the industry.

Build-up -Know your strengths and develop the areas you believe are weaknesses. Allow your CV to reflect development and strategic planning in your career path.

Organize – To use your time in a beneficial way, prioritize. Not only does this make your life a lot easier but, a lot more efficient. Doing this will decrease stress levels and allow you to wake up to a purpose.

Active – Attend any training workshops that are offered. Professional development isn’t just for the workplace, look for other interests outside of the office and be part of it.

Network – Make contacts; reconnect with other professionals, colleagues, friends, and family. Who knows who you will meet!

Risks – Take them! Try new things that you have never tried before for eg. learning a new language at Eton Institute. This will make you learn, grow, and get noticed.

Remember, don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen! Perceive everything as an opportunity to grow.

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