We’ve rounded up 14 of our favorite terms of endearment from different countries around the world. They’re sweet, romantic …and no, they aren’t “mi amor” [Spanish] or “habibi” [Arabic]  kind of cliché.


Maybe you’ll start using them with your loved ones, or *ahem* a special someone.

Have a read and take your pick!

1. روحي [Arabic]

How it’s said: rouhi

Meaning: my soul

“Rouh” means soul in Arabic. If you add ‘-i’ to the end of the word, it’ll make it possessive, and it becomes“rouhi”, which means “my soul”.

You can also say “ya rouhi!” …You’re my soul. But, reserve it only for those who are extremely precious to you.

Make it look even cooler by writing it as “rou7i” in Arabglish/Arabizi.

2. Balım [Turkish]

How it’s said: ba-lim

Meaning: my honey

In Turkish, “bal” means honey. The ‘-ım’ annex is added to refer to first person possession (my) i.e. balım or “my honey”. The term is mostly used for loved ones.

3. Jaan [Hindi & Urdu]

How it’s said: jaan

Meaning: life

You can say “meri jaan” (may-ri-jaan) which means my life. Mind you, the word “jaan” itself is a term of endearment. It can mean “life” and also “loved one”, “darling”, etc. in both Hindi and Urdu. People use it to express their loved one’s importance and how much they love them.

4. Καρδιά Μου [Greek]

How it’s said: Kar-Thia moo

Meaning: my heart

Well, love makes us all giddy and by calling your significant other “my heart” in Greek or “karthia moo”, you’ll surely warm his/her heart.

5. Mon Mignon [French]

How it’s said: mon min-yon

Meaning: my cutie

We can hear that “Awww”…Yeah, it’s a sweet and definitely cute one in French, plus it can be used for both men and women: “Salut (hello) mon mignon!”

6. Vita Mia [Italian]

How it’s said: vee-tah mee-a

Meaning: my life

This one is a very common (and powerful!) Italian term of endearment. In Italian, “vita” means “life” and “mia” means “my”. It’ll surely make your significant other melt.

Try to say this one: “tu sei tutta la mia vita”, which literally translates to “you’re my whole life” – or “you mean the world to me” …how sweet!

7. Süsser (M) ; Süsse (F) [German]

How it’s said: zu-sa (m) ; zu-se (f)

Meaning: sweetie

It can also mean “cutie-pie”. Süss means “sweet” in German.

Tip: you can also write it as süßer (m) ; süße (f)

“Mein Süßer!” (my sweetie!)

ß is a German letter known as sharp S or Eszett/scharfes S in German.

8. Lieveling [Dutch]

How it’s said: lee-ve-ling

Meaning: darling

This Dutch word can be said to either a best friend or a significant other. It rhymes with “darling” and that just makes it easy to remember!

Tip: Dutch “v” is pronounced like a mix of English “v” and “f”

9. Mi Cielo [Spanish]

How it’s said: thee-e’-lo

Meaning: my sky

You can use “cielo” (sky) on its own in Spanish. However, if you want to show more affection, you can say “mi cielo” which translates to “my sky”. Totally different and lovey-dovey.

10. Котёнок [Russian]

How it’s said: katyonok

Meaning: kitten

It’s just so adorable to think about this one in Russian! And oh, it’s used towards both genders.

11. Kochanie [Polish]

How it’s said: co-ha-nye

Meaning: darling/sweetheart

The term is derived from “kocham cię” pronounced as “ko-ham-che” meaning “I love you”.

Moje kochanie = my sweetheart

Tip: The Polish letter “j” is pronounced like the English letter “y” in yet.

12. Bebe Ko [Filipino]

How it’s said: beh-beh ko

Meaning: my baby

“Ko” in Filipino means “my” and the word “bebe” is taken from the English word “baby”. Try saying it. It’s so cutesy, hey?

13. 亲 [Mandarin Chinese]

How it’s said: qīn

Meaning: dear

If you were to literally translate “亲”, it would mean “dear”– but, wait for it! The English counterpart of the word is the slang “bae” and it’s one of the most popular terms of endearment used on social media in China!

14. こいびと [Japanese]

How it’s Said: koi-bito

Meaning: lover; sweetheart

You can use it similar to how boyfriend/girlfriend is used: “this is my koibito”.

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